US Department of the Treasury

Technical Assistance Organization

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) helps finance ministries and central banks of developing and transition countries strengthen their ability to manage public finances effectively and safeguard their financial sectors. Such assistance is in the interest of OTA partner countries and the United States. Strong financial sectors and sound management of public finance support financial stability, investment, and economic growth. Developing countries that generate more domestic revenue and manage their resources effectively are less dependent on foreign aid. Governments that develop effective financial sector oversight regimes are valuable partners in the global effort to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. OTA’s work supports the Treasury Department’s strategic goals to enhance U.S. competitiveness and job creation, and promote international financial stability and more balanced global growth, and to safeguard the financial system and use financial measures to counter national security threats.

Inspect and Fill Transmission and Differential:

The Office of Technical Assistance is organized along functional lines, operating in five major disciplines.
  • Revenue Policy and Administration Team
  • Budget and Financial Accountability Team
  • Government Debt and Infrastructure Finance Team
  • Economic Crimes
  • Tourist & Attractions
21st Floor, Nicholas Tower, 63-65 Independence Square, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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